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The law has introduced the principles of co parenting and of shared foster care, became effective in March 2006 and has revised some articles of the civil code, has included other ones and has substantially renovated the discipline both essential than trial in terms of separation and divorce.

Disclosure of Confidential Information Coercion Manslaughter

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In a job market increasingly varied and complex an extensive experience in the sector is required because of the dispute resolution The rights of workers, with those of employers, are protected and defended by a team of professionals specialized in the job activity.

Misuse of Visas, Permits, or Other Documents Bribery Crimes

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The Labour Law, generally understood, consists of a varied regulation, which is designed to provide protection on different levels, the weakest part of the employment relationship, i.e. the worker, or other persons deemed worthy of protection.

Escaping Custody Escaped Federal Prisoners Fraud Against the Government

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The social security law, then, all cases in which discipline is the ability to work is on a temporary or permanent injured. Employment law is constantly evolving, as the legislature is particularly attentive to this matter. For example, mobbing has been particularly reflected especially in recent years.

Destruction of Property to Prevent Seizure Copyright Matters

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From the topic of layoffs (just cause, justification, beyond the period of preservation of the place, collective redundancies / mobility for staff reduction, discriminatory termination under test) to job insecurity, which rotates, as it is known, about the question of indiscriminate distribution of fixed term contracts (Futures), to cases of disqualification by the activities and mobbing, the Recruitment of People with Disabilities, often rejected or not compatible with the assignment of tasks for the subject, to situations of Labour Relations in Black is here ranging as labour law. Employers often use forward contracts to be "hands free", so that after a certain time, they can "get rid" of the employee, avoiding the consequences of a dismissal.

False Statement to Obtain Unemployment Compensation Genocide

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Countless reasons of layoffs must be divided into "types or categories," so as to allow, in practical and concrete situations, grading and evaluating the specific situation. In fact, the employee is allowed to appeal against the dismissal and request reinstatement/re employment to employment and/or compensation for damages it has suffered.

Officer Failing to Make Reports Concealing Escaped Prisoner Ransom Money

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There are many employers who do not regularize their employees, with the result that they are deprived of social security contributions and health cover for illness or injury. In addition, the payment of wages "in black" involves the loss of important rights of workers (ex. the salary during illness, the thirteenth salary, the "stability" of employment, etc..).

Lobbying with Appropriated Moneys Possession of Child Pornography

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