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Countless reasons of layoffs must be divided into "types or categories," so as to allow, in practical and concrete situations, grading and evaluating the specific situation. In fact, the employee is allowed to appeal against the dismissal and request reinstatement/re employment to employment and/or compensation for damages it has suffered.

Officer Failing to Make Reports Concealing Escaped Prisoner Ransom Money

Retaliating Against a Witness, Victim, or an Informant Sabotage Assisting or Instigating Escape

Drive by Shooting Credit Debit Card Fraud Criminal Contempt of Court Larceny

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Video Voyeurism Violation of Prohibitions Governing Atomic Weapons

Narcotics Violations Resistance to Extradition Agent Trespassing

Mailing Threatening Communications Counterfeiting Arson

Disciplinary dismissal (just cause or justified subjective reason) when they were alleged misconduct on the job, insubordination, delays, facts pertaining to professional conduct or discipline the employee in the company.

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Dismissal for just cause: if the dismissal is for reasons of organization and production of the employer, which considers that the employee is no longer useful or necessary for the farm. Dismissal for "behaving": it is the one that has been contested passing of days of sick leave under the collective agreement. Collective redundancy for impairment (mobility):

where the termination is the result of a general procedure for reducing the workforce, (taking into account seniority occurs, the load of family and business needs). Dismissal (withdrawal) trial: when the termination of employment occurs when there is a trial period.

Discriminatory dismissal, when the dismissal was caused by reasons that have nothing to do with the professionalism and diligence of the employee, but are due to discrimination (sex, race, political, religious). In fact, very often the case that:

the reasons of dismissal stated are not truthful and do not correspond to the actual situation; the reasons for dismissal are "constructed" to come to dismiss the employee, the reasons for dismissal are not provided or authorized by law; the employer has not complied with the formal "mandatory procedure" or priority (ex. collective dismissals) required by law to be able to get to the dismissal.

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