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The firm, born with the main aim of providing a suitable and impeccable service in assistance of individual and family rights, dealing with different areas such as tax law and tax consultancy, corporate, companies, management, ordinary and extraordinary finance company, financial and investment estates consulting, social security, housing and administrative, financial and corporate transactions, cartels and devices for the protection of assets estates, managing in difficult situations such as crises, nationally and internationally corporate restructurings and restorations.

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The offense can be the subject of a complaint of the injured party except in the hypothesis determined by the number 1, and when the offense is made to the children’s damage, from number 2 of the previous paragraph.

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Regarding the estate, such persons have the right of maintain based on the estate agreement of the family, the right to participate in the profits of the family business and of the assets acquired with the same members as well as to the increases of the company, even in order of the start up proportion to the entity and nature of the work done.

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The quick divorce in uk, Spain for the citizens of the Italian Republic and other countires can be a good opportunity both in terms of time savings and from the point of view of the expected economic aspect. Without mention the accumulation of anxieties.

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The principle that allows foreign nationals to present a petition for divorce is the couple s long term residence in Spain, which in fact is not meant to refer to the permanent and exclusive residence, and even less constant, as this is the case for the hypothesis of permit living in Spain where the phases of temporal remoteness of the subjects involved in the Spanish territory are valuated.

This means that the spouses, or even one of them have chosen to live or work in Spain for a time period that goes beyond the simple holiday. Which is the evidence for a connection with Spain ? And of which kind of nature it should be ? Primarily through objective evidence of the couple s home in Spain, checking personal documents, a rental contract of the house in which spouses live.

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The civil code stipulates that the judicial authority decision with regard to foster care of minor children must be applied, with priority given to shared foster care. The judge s decision, however, will have to consider first the interests of the children.

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The law firm has its headquarters in London, with staff across Usa Italy (Rome Lawyers: criminal law, wedding law, civil law, bankruptcy, corporate, financed, international). It offers from more than ten years a legal support, judicial and extrajudicial, in all areas of civil, commercial and corporate law, with particular interest in family and juvenile law.

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The criminal lawyer grants a judicial support in criminal matter, with determination and interest to the following hypothesis of offense: crimes against persons, crimes against property, crimes related to drugs, criminal association, offenses against public administration, environmental and urban crimes, offenses against honor and reputation, corporate crimes.

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Our criminal lawyers and legal specialists work with great composure, on the civil and criminal law. Our skilled criminal lawyers of the sector know all the rules of the Italian code and are able to suggest the necessary solutions to the doubts expressed by the customer.

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In this regard, the court therefore considered that the provision included in article. 6 l. no. 903 of 1977 was clearly referring only to female employees, since at the time of its adoption the liberal professionals women, as well as self employed women, still not beneficiate of maternal allowance. In this regard, it must also be highlighted how the process of maternity in case of adoption is now governed by the act approved by d. leg. , which contains all the rules relating to help and support of motherhood and fatherhood.

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