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Crime: the marriage can be notified as ineffective, if one spouse is imprisoned for murder or attempted murder of the spouse. Ban: the marriage is not valid if celebrated from whom at that time had been declared incapable for mental illness, or even if he was mentally ill and the decision on ban was announced after that.

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A rather important matter is relating to the foster care of the children in case of division, divorce or end of cohabitation of the spouses without being married. The importance of the debate is caused not only by the unfortunate truth of the increase in tearing cases of the family units.

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The parent who does not get the foster care of children must also attend to the satisfaction of the needs of the children. Therefore, he is obliged to grant a periodic allowance, its sum will be determined case by case and reformulated each year based on the stats indexes.

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If the contention fact is already in progress and is not realizable to reach a decision that takes into account the agreement of the parties, the lawyer makes available to his client the accuracy and competence of the whole team of the firm for the defence aspects and the representation before the judge, before any judicial civil court of London and province.

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