Lawyer San Antonio, Drug trafficking crime attorney

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Lawyer San Antonio, Drug trafficking crime attorney

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Breach of the obligations of family care.

The so called penalties apply as well to those who:

1. squander the assets of a minor child or ward or spouse;

2. kills the means of survival for the descendants of minor age, that is, unable to work, to the ascendant or spouse, who is not legally separated at fault.

The crime is reprehensible on complaint of the victim except as provided by the number 1 and when the offense is made against children, the number 2 in the previous paragraph.

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The positioning of this article are not taken if the offense is envisioned as a more serious offense from another location of the law.

Misuse of admonition or discipline.

Consensual abduction of minors.

Stealing people incapable.

L impresa di famiglia

The family business is an establishment that operates only when the remaining activity may not look like another kind of relationship, that is a corporation or an employment relationship. The ratio for this rule is in the will to overcome the classical principle of gratuitousness of the family work in order to limit the abuse and the state of inadequacy when the family came offering the work.

Such matters is of great social importance particularly in some areas of our country (in particular in the south regions) where it is very broad the type offamilycompany.

From the analysis of this chapter it is ambiguous the name of the family company.

Also in order to provide a better protection to family members who work in this type of companies, some authors are in favour of the former with the effect that the holder will be the only person aware of its obligations to third parties.

In this sense, also the Supreme Court is oriented in examining cases for membership at the sole internal or interpersonal significant (Cass. civ. 6559/90).

In the opposite direction there is the thesis of important doctrine that it is a common activity in the presence of family members, entrusted to the administration of all the participants, who will also be responsible for his own, and would adopt the title of co entrepreneurs.

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