South Africa, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

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South Africa, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

The law firm attends to employment law, addresses the issue of engagement with the qualification of labour relations and rights on contract models such as the employment contract term.

Attempt to commit Murder Manslaughter Rescue of Seized Property

Federal Aviation Act Influencing Juror by Writing Obstruction of Federal audit

Insurance Fraud Embezzlement International Parental Kidnapping

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Willful Wrecking of a Train Resulting in Death Embezzlement Against Estate

Serial Murders Anti racketeering Smuggling Importation of Drugs

We also put the emphasis on all those issues related to keeping people at work and cases of worker mobility:

with particular reference to the professional relationship between the company and the employee advising on employment contracts, also when the subject is autonomous, the laws and collective agreements governing them, assistance and protection of workers and workers with the grade of officer or panel stages of formation and termination of employment

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assistance and protection of workers and workers in specific occupational groups such as journalists, agents, administrators, information technology and knowledge workers, professionals in the areas of communications, finance, information technology

consulting seafarers (including through technical reference) on the prospects of access to public pensions and supplementary advice (including through technical reference) in verification of the correct calculation of the compensation consulting skills (including through technical reference) for the assessment of damage to the individual workers

protection of workers for the protection of the right to correct type of contract, to proper pay, the proper framing, protection of workers measures taken by the employer contrary to law or contractual rules (appeal of transfers, individual or collective dismissals, suspensions in layoffs, changes in duties or working hours, etc..)

protection of rights of freedom, dignity and safety and workers (cases of discrimination on grounds of gender, maternity, of race, labour, cases of "mobbing" or harassment, right to the free development of trade union activity, etc..), protection of the rights of employees of public government

protection of the leaders of government and public corporations with respect to the recognition of professional prospects protection of the rights of workers and trade unions in cases of litigation in relation to events of outsourcing, service contracts, transfers of business and line of business

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use the administration work, protect the rights of atypical workers or "precarious", private or government (contestation of nature out of the employment contract, the use of work administration, action to stabilize the relationship, or for damages from loss of work)

protection of workers who have suffered injuries or illnesses (both the security aspects "Inail" is a compensation for those against the employer), protection of rights of representatives and trade unions (for the repressive actions of the anti union conduct, etc..)

protection of rights, social security ( performance, disability allowances, blood transfused allowances, etc..) protection of contractual rights of self employed with project contract, the contract of joint venture (or other), legal and contractual rights of workers "to black", i.e. employees with contracts of false self employment.

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